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Subject: Re: [Erlug] AUGURIIIIII
From: Francesco Boschetti <francesco@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 10:19:46 +0100
2009/12/30 Massimo Danieli <m.danieli@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> while V=$((`date +%s -d"2010-01-01"`-`date +%s`));do if [ $V == 0 ];then 
> figlet 'Buon Anno!';break;else figlet $V;sleep 1;clear;fi;done

/me che no sapeva di figlet :))) ihihi :) assieeeeeeee per auguriiiii
buon anno a te e a tutti i ragassi! :))

$ apt-cache show figlet | grep Desc
Description: Frank, Ian & Glenn's Letters

...mmm per me sta per "lettere fighe"....

Francesco Boschetti

I just got kicked out of "Barnes and Noble" for putting all the bibles
in the fiction section.

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