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Subject: Re: [Erlug] Linus!
From: Enzo <enzo.gupi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 09:30:32 +0200
giovedì 11 settembre Davide Alberani ha scritto:

> In effetti si avverte una _leggera_ punta di astio, nella risposta. :-)
> LOL. :-)

Ma la lettera di Linus è ancora meglio!!!!
(la riporto perchè è corta)

Open letter to Darl McBride -- please grow up.
   Dear Darl,
   Thank you so much for your letter.
   We are happy that you agree that customers need to know that
   Open Source is legal and stable, and we heartily agree with
   that sentence of your letter. The others don't seem to make
   as much sense, but we find the dialogue refreshing.                          
   However, we have to sadly decline taking business model advice
   from a company that seems to have squandered all its money
   (that it made off a Linux IPO, I might add, since there's a
   nice bit of irony there), and now seems to play the US legal
   system as a lottery. We in the Open Source group continue to
   believe in technology as a way of driving customer interest
   and demand.                        
   Also, we find your references to a negotiating table somewhat
   confusing, since there doesn't seem to be anything to negotiate
   about. SCO has yet to show any infringing IP in the Open Source
   domain, but we wait with bated breath for when you will
   actually care to inform us about what you are blathering about.
   All of our source code is out in the open, and we welcome you
   point to any particular piece you might disagree with.
   Until then, please accept our gratitude for your submission,

Quest'ultima frase in particolare mi piace molto!!! :-)))


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